The passenger terminal at Jackson Hole Airport includes ticketing hall with 36 counters, gate area; there are nine different gates, security checkpoints, and inbounds luggage area. It provides the following services and facilities- wireless internet connectivity, ATM, Jedediah restaurant, vending machines for snacks, gift shops, book store restrooms, and drinking fountains. As this airport is not significant, there is only one terminal, so it is easy to find your way around. Six different airlines that consist of Southwest and Delta offer service to cities such as Salt Lake, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Worth noting that It features mountain scenery that tourists would love to see, and due to this, they travel across the world.In 2010, as authorities saw, that there were many tourists, they double the size of the passenger terminal, before it was 59,400 square feet and after this expansion, it became 115,600 square feet. It was an important event for this airport, as there were some areas of the previous terminal, which were below the Federal Aviation Administration planning criteria. Before the new terminal was established, the highest capacity of the airport was 331 passengers per hour; but sometimes the airport faced 800 passengers per hour.