There are many parking options at Jackson Hole Airport, and you must plan accordingly and use your budget efficiently.

Short Term and Long Term Parking at JAC

Short term parking for your vehicle is placed at the south end of the airport terminal, and it is free up to 2 hours. After 2 hours, a rate of $5 per 30 minutes with a max of $100 per 24 hour time will be put. As for long term parking, for up to 5 hours is free. If you leave your car for more than 5 hours, the daily rate of $17 will be applied.

Curbside at JAC

To maintain safety, the curbside area at the terminal is available for bags and passengers only. You must not leave your vehicle without you at the curbside of the terminal. If you leave your car unattended, the airport may issue a ticket, and there is a possibility that they will have the car towed.