As one of the busiest airports of Wyoming, it has to review security procedures to ensure excellent customer service. When passengers arrive, they have to review the terms and obey the rules, which are traditional practices in most domestic or international airports. These procedures are essential parts of this airport.

JAC TSA Security

At least 2-hours before domestic flights and 3-hours before international flights, passengers are recommended by board members, who are responsible like TSA agents, to be at their respective departures terminals. They must remove all metal-made belongings or electronic devices from their carry-on bags and put them in a particular bin to be scanned and checked security; at the same time, passengers are checked by metal detector body scanner. Board members are the ones who can make a decision, and they might ask passengers to remove their shoes or might conduct additional screening.

JAC Legal Identification

Valid identification is legally required to be presented by all passengers whether they are traveling domestic or international flights. When they are flight domestically, a driver's license or state-issued ID card might be acceptable. In contrast, international flight passengers are required to carry a valid passport at security checkpoints, ticket counters, or boarding gates. One must be sure that he/she takes ID always and keep it very close.

JAC Security Checkpoints

Jackson Hole Airport focuses on the safety of passengers, and the Average time for waiting for passengers is 7 minutes and 30 seconds. For their working hours, one can visit Jackson Hole Airport’s website at

JAC Departure terminals

Jackson Hole Airport terminal was not the same when this airport was built; it upgraded between 2014 and 2015. This place now has a new ticketing hall, where there are 36 counters, you can find a new gate area, as well as a new luggage claim area. One can see the restaurant here, and here is located security checkpoint. There are many airlines which provide this terminal and offer flights to Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Dallas, New York (JFK), Los Angeles, Seattle, and more.