Security Procedures

People from all flights, who arrive at Jackson Hole Airport, domestic or international, are responsible for doing TSA security screening if they want to come to the United States. The exact rule occurs if you are trying to connect either domestically or internationally. Flight delay or the weather can be the cause, why security procedures can take a long time. For that reason, plan accordingly and make sure you use your time sufficiently to get to your flight if you are connecting flights, approximately 2 hours before you must be there.

While talking about security procedures, they are the same as those to departures. Passengers must go through a body scanner while their checked-in baggage and electronic devices are checked and scanned separately. It is necessary to comply with all this demanding of security agents and answer your questions thoroughly and truthfully when you are asked by Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents to determine your legal status.

JAC Customs and Border Protection

When passengers arrive in the United States, they are asked to go through supplementary screening with Customs and Border Protection agents and to present customs declaration, as well as a passport to determine their immigration status, together with the reason for their stay. Remember, having a US visa does not give you a guarantee for your entry to the United States. Furthermore, it is significant to answer every question by the CBP agents truthfully.

When passengers pass their security checkpoints and clear their customs, they are invited to claim their luggage and head for the exit or meeting points.